Attention all Home Inspectors wanting to improve their credit card processing experience!

InterNACHI-Pay was founded on the principle that "All Home Inspectors should be able to receive FREE State-of-the-Art credit card machines and payment solutions while opening a merchant account and at the same time, get the lowest rates while receiving superior service and impeccable support."

Mission Statement
Our goal and vision are to revolutionize the Home Inspection industry by providing innovative technology payment solutions and transparent services to simplify and increase the flexibility and value associated with the Home Inspector-Customer payment process and experience.
Clover bluetooth card reader with smart phone
InterNACHI-Pay Ad

Both the 0% and 1.75% options include a Free BLUETOOTH Card Reader!

Please fill out contact form to be sent the 0% and 1.75% paperwork for FREE Bluetooth Card Reader... Your Option!

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Square 2.75% PayPal 2.90% Heartland 3%

InterNACHI-Pay 0% or 1.75%


0% or 1.75%


  • 0% Charge to Merchant - 4% convenience fee applies to customer.
  • or FREE Bluetooth Card Reader at 1.75% rate. 1% lower than Square.
InterNACHI International Association of certified home inspectors

InterNACHI-Pay offers a FREE comprehensive line of processing solutions including:

  • 0% Processing App – Includes Bluetooth Card Reader
  • 1.75% Processing App – Includes Bluetooth Card Reader
  • Landline or ethernet countertops with optional check guarantee imager
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems
  • E-commerce for gateway website online transactions
  • Virtual systems for keying in online
  • Recurring billing for account receivables
  • Corporate and association accounts
  • ATM machines

InterNACHI-Pay also offers a full suite of complementary solutions.

An innovator and leader in credit card processing, InterNACHI-Pay is pleased to offer additional products and services, such as:

Our Services

  • Electronic Check Services (landlines only)
  • Gift Card and Loyalty Programs
  • Payroll Card Services
  • Merchant Cash Advances

InterNACH-Pay Benefits

  • InterNACHI-Pay offers 0% processing with Free EMV compliant Bluetooth card readers. 
  • InterNACHI-Pay gives away Free EMV Compliant Bluetooth card readers at 1.75%. Square charges for those at a rate of 2.75%.
  • InterNACHI-Pay has a month-to-month agreement with NO cancelation fees.
  • InterNACHI-Pay offers Free direct invoicing and payments through the virtual terminal on the clover dashboard.
  • InterNACHI-Pay will set up your website for Free for online internet processing credit/debit card transactions.
  • InterNACHI-Pay is intergraded with most of the software companies.
  • InterNACHI-Pay charges NO annual fees or junk fees.
  • InterNACHI-Pay offers Next Day Funding except weekends and holidays.
  • InterNACHI-Pay will give away as many Free Bluetooth card readers as a Multi–Inspector Firm company needs.
  • InterNACHI-Pay offers a Free dashboard and complete merchant back-office reporting system.
  • InterNACHI-Pay intent is to save you more than InterNACHI membership costs.
  • InterNACHI-Pay allows you to accept all Credit/Debit cards including Visa/MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  • InterNACHI-Pay processes through Wells Fargo Bank.
  • InterNACHI-Pay is endorsed and highly recommended by Nick Gromicko and InterNACHI.
  • InterNACHI-Pay is custom designed to fit and cater to all your Home Inspection merchant processing needs.

Please visit the Clover website for more information.

Clover Website

Paperwork Instructions

The 0% and 1.75% paperwork are 3 pages for a Free Bluetooth Card Reader.

  • Please fill out only the first half of page 1 on your PC or print and fill out by hand. Sign once on page 2 and once on page 3. Electronically or by hand.
  • Please include a VOIDED CHECK or a BANK LETTER to receive all the proceeds from your transactions.
  • Please fax back to InterNACHI-Pay at 1-866-282-8009 or email to
  • Within hours your approved and sent your Free App and Bluetooth Card Reader at 0% or 1.75%.

You are now ready to process all credit/debit cards accepting all forms of payment.

The InterNACHI-Pay paperwork is very simple, straightforward, and easy to complete. The InterNACHI-Pay rates are very low compared to most competitors.

It is now legal to 1. Roll in a surcharge or a convenience fee into the bill having your client/customer pay the processing cost, a 4% fee is charged. 2. Writing off all your processing cost on your taxes makes this a very cost-effective winning combination and smart economical choice!

The 0% offer is very popular right now with many merchants for obvious reasons. Retail storefronts, restaurants, eCommerce and contractors all take advantage of this new way to cost-effectively accept debit/credit card payments eliminating all the merchants processing cost.

The InterNACHI-Pay low processing cost is a special, privileged group rate only offered to InterNACHI members and was accomplished with the negotiated leverage of close to 30,000 InterNACHI Home Inspectors. The InterNACHI-Pay low pricing was forged into fruition from the might of InterNACHI’s strength in numbers and multitude of InterNACHI Home Inspector members.

After filling out your contact info here an auto response email will be sent out with your 3-page paperwork attached. Please email the application back to InterNACHI-Pay at or fax to 1-866-282-8009. Then within a few days you'll receive your Free 0% or 1.75% Bluetooth card reader. It’s really that easy!


Credit Card Processing For All Home Inspectors